• Craniosacral Resonance session
  • A craniosacral therapy usually starts by sitting together and sharing about the client’s present condition. Then, at the appropriate time, the client will move to the massage table and lie fully dressed in a comfortable position. Through a light, gentle, tuned and specific positioning of the hands, the practitioner will then establish physical contact and negotiate its quality to ensure optimum trust in the therapeutic relationship. As practitioner and client both settled together, the integrative action of the breath of life starts to clarify enabling the body to access its own inner resources. During treatment, verbal communication can be used when needed. Sessions facilitate a clearing from within on different levels according to the condition presented. It allows a fuller expression of one’s own potential and leads to a sense of balance, integration, vitality and well-being.

  • Duplex Craniosacral Resonance Session
  • “Duplex“ therapy implies work with two therapists (Chintan and Karima). In this way the session goes deeper and it enhances the clearing and integrative process. Our experience shows that, at times, a single duplex session can replace several sessions with one practitioner.

  • Psychosomatic Therapy
  • The Psychosomatic therapy is grounded in the intuitively chosen combination of all the approaches (NARM, SE, ISP, Learning love, Somatic Constellation ) except for Craniosacral Resonance. Specific content of a session depends on the individual. Psychosomatic therapies can be performed also over Skype.

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All therapies performed by Karima Valentina Hočevar, except for Duplex Craniosacral Session, which is performed both by her and Chintan Veet.