Integral Somatic Psychotherapy

Working through traumatic reactions in our physical bodies, in our brains, and in our nervous systems towards creating a capacity for a high charge in them becomes a necessary step towards an embodied spirituality. - Raja Selvam, founder of Integral Somatic Psychotherapy

Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP) is an attempt to integrate Western and Eastern philosophies and approaches into healing. It was developed by Dr. Raja Selvam, who based it on his knowledge of an array of psychotherapeutic approaches. The approach rests on the Eastern concept of three bodies – the physical, the subtle-energetic and the absolute body (consciousness). The approach is one of the first attempts at bringing the whole span of these previously ignored concepts into psychotherapy. By focusing on the brain (and to a radically lesser extent, the body) as the beginning and end of all our experiences, mainstream Western psychotherapy has considerably limited the understanding of human psychology as well as our ability to help people in need.

At the same time, ISP takes into account the general principles of various Western psychotherapeutic traditions, which have, over time, been confirmed in a clinical environment. ISP is, in fact, an upgrade or a supplement to these traditions. The tools of the approach, as appropriate in a particular clinical environment, are mindfulness and working with movement, breath, sounds and touch.

Selected texts of Raja Selvam

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Adviata Vedanta and Jungian Psychology: Explorations towards Further Reconciliation in East – West Dialogues on the Psyche, doctoral dissertation, 2008