Craniosacral Resonance during Pregnancy and after Childbirth

Craniosacral Resonance during Pregnancy

From the moment of conception until postnatal recovery, women witness considerable changes in their bodies. The hormonal shift and the presence of a new being can bring physical and emotional challenges. It may affect the way mothers relate to their environment or bring a sense of concern or unease with this new situation. In these moments, Craniosacral Resonance can offer effective support to address these issues.

Touch is an essential aspect of our sense of physical and emotional well-being. It is especially important during pregnancy when the future mother is adapting to this changing situation. Studies have shown that pregnant women who receive a loving touch during pregnancy tend to more readily offer a loving touch to their infant. Craniosacral Resonance sessions are an ideal opportunity to experience a gentle, harmonious, loving and nourishing touch.

These sessions are empowering for pregnant women. It enables them to better understand their own bodies and brings them in contact with their developing child. Session work helps them to gently relax, let go of daily stress, effectively release tensions from unresolved physical or emotional conditions and establish a sense of balance and harmony between body and spirit.

An additional benefit of CS Resonance sessions is to prepare women for an optimal childbirth by improving the mobility and flexibility of the pelvis or lower back. During pregnancy, it eases or even prevents hip or lower back pain. It also helps the baby to find an optimal position. During the birth process, it helps the pelvis to more easily adapt to the shifts in positions and the natural widening of the pelvis.

CS Resonance sessions are also an opportunity for pregnant women to share their fears and concerns. Through an empathetic exploration, they can discover new resources as well as a sense of inner strength that enables them to address any issues with more clarity.


Craniosacral Resonance after Childbirth

After childbirth, Craniosacral Resonance sessions support the new mother in processing and integrating the experience of childbirth on both a physical and emotional level using touch and verbal communication.

On an emotional level, there is one aspect that is often overlooked. After birth, the attention once received by the mother is now naturally shifting towards the baby. This new being becomes the new focus. During these times, it is important to maintain a balance between nurturing and being nurtured.

CS Resonance sessions can offer essential support in this direction. This will eventually reflect on the whole family.

On the physical level, the focus of sessions after delivery is to regain the balance of the pelvis and spine and to rehabilitate muscles and soft tissues, especially following a Caesarean section or other forms of medical assistance. Session work also offers a frame during this early period of intensive childcare to explore ways in which the mother can recover strength and regain physical and emotional wellbeing