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Karima Valentina Hočevar

Owner of RAN Silentium, therapist

I have been involved in a deep exploration of the human nature in its various aspects for many years. This long journey through the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual realm has led me to understand that an integration of all these different levels of being is the key to a deeper harmony, peace, happiness, joy and inner freedom.

My work with people is based on this understanding. Through a session or group framework, people have an opportunity to explore and uncover what stands in their way to a deeper level of integration and wholeness. It supports people to uncover their deepest potential in life. It is an inner journey back home.

My original profession is Human Resource Management. I am a certified practitioner and teacher in Craniosacral Resonance, SE (Somatic Experiencing), NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model), LLI (Learning Love Institute- Co-dependency therapy) and ISP (Integral Somatic Psychotherapy). I also graduated from the Shakti Dance School and has done many other Psychosomatic seminars that involve a deep exploration of one’s own being.

I live in Ljubljana with my husband Gregor Hočevar (CH Biological Healthcare), two teenagers – son Jakob, daughter Maruša, and dogs Odi and Ina.

I offer sessions in the different modalities mentioned above in person as well as over Skype. I also offers various seminars and educational programmes in different countries of Europe and China. I am a co-teacher in Craniosacral Resonance and member of a teaching team on a two-year NARM training.

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Chintan Veet

Chintan Veet is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist RCST® by The Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA). His life journey gave him a first-hand experience of the profound self-healing capacity of the body. It was the beginning of a long exploration into the field of healing arts. In 1992 he started his formal training in bodywork. Very quickly he became an accomplished practitioner and teacher of Rebalancing®, a form of deep tissue bodywork. This solid understanding of the human structure, and a continued interest and fascination with the mystery of the human form led him to craniosacral therapy. This new modality brought a different understanding and wider dimension to his work.

Chintan co-found Craniosacral Resonance in 2001. He has been leading training seminars in Craniosacral Resonance internationally since then. Chintan offers individual Craniosacral Resonance treatments and leads educational programmes in Craniosacral Resonance in Europe, Taiwan and China. He is noted for the quality of his treatments and refined understanding of his clients.

Chintan Veet’s interest in life keeps him exploring the human form in all its aspects.

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