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Welcome to the Here and Now

At Silentium we offer a specific therapeutic perspective based on the understanding that any shift away from a genuine state of balance, centeredness and well-being can be addressed in a resourced way and in the present moment, even if the original imprint happened a long time ago.

For this purpose, we offer different therapeutic approaches, Craniosacral Resonance, Somatic experiencing®, the Neuro-Affective Regulation Model®, Integral Somatic Psychotherapy and therapy in accordance with the “Learning Love” approach.

We offer Individual sessions as well as training in Craniosacral Resonance. We also offer other seminars that support personal growth and well-being.


I have been engaged in the research of myself for many years. In the education of Craniosacral resonance I saw an additional opportunity in the quest for my essence and I gladly took it. Additionally, I was inspired by the desire that I may, with this experience and the knowledge I have acquired, be a part of someone else’s story, someone who has also decided to explore himself/herself. With each therapy I am closer to the home of my soul. By shutting off the barriers and blockades, I have opened up new dimensions of research. The feeling that I am completely fused with everything, that I am one, that there are no boundaries, is really something extraordinary. I am experiencing Craniosacral resonance as a dance of energies which invite you to a new podium over and over again. I am fascinated by the fact that all this is then reflected here and now on the physical level. My quality of life is undoubtedly increasing. I am grateful to the teachers Chintan and Karima for this exceptional experience and I happily recommend it.

Barbara Gorjanc,

I hadn’t met Valentina and Chintan prior to the Craniosacral resonance training. I’d had second thoughts about if it was the right decision to spend my time and money on this training. But the moment we actually started I felt that it was the right thing to do, that it was going to give meaning to my life. I could feel passion, warmth, kindness, safety and support all through my training, but above all I was given a sense that my teachers actually lived what they taught. The manner of presenting the content and practical work during the training was outstanding, translations were harmonized, the instructions clear, the working methods were well chosen, examples were given and there were various exercises we were able to learn a lot from. The training has brought about a lot of positive changes in my life: a different awareness of myself and my body, self-help by practising CRS on myself every night before bed, more peaceful nights, less energy loss during the day, more calmness, new methods for balancing the energy and grounding which we were taught during our lessons, etc. Whenever I perform CRS on another person, the sensation is amazingly positive, because you have the ability to help another person and at the same time you are aware that you are helping yourself; in CRS the processes of self-healing run in both fields: the client’s and the therapist’s. I am genuinely grateful that I decided to take up this training, whereby I have learnt the techniques of how to help myself and others and have also come to realize that this is a vital part of my mission in this life. Thank you both for all the experience, courage and a safe place which have enabled my personal shifts and the path to inner changes, a different perception and comprehension of the world.

Mojca Lindič,
Bachelor of Economics

I decided to take up the training of Craniosacral Resonance after an opening seminar where I first encountered this therapy. During the seminar we learnt the basic principles and received some practical experiences, but I was mostly impressed by the depth with which this method gently penetrates into the whole person. During the training I gradually came to understand how the creative forces of healing work in the body and how to support them so that they can fully develop. The teacher Veet Chintan has the ability to present the complex theory of Craniosacral Resonance clearly and his interpretation is always followed by experiential exercises that allow you to truly internalize that knowledge. To me, the most valuable experience is perhaps that I not only felt the emergence of life forces from inside my own body, but also learnt how to support another person in this process. I have very fond memories of our moments together, especially of the therapies that we performed on each other, always in a safe environment of the entire group. Having encountered Craniosacral resonance has been a profound and transformative experience for me, and one which is still ongoing. It is the reason that I now know there is a safe environment that supports life within me, regardless of any other circumstances.

Maša Kovač,
professor of philosophy and comparative literature

You cannot decide to become a Craniosacral Therapist, this profession calls you. After eleven years of working with children, I started going to one friend for yoga classes because I was completely down, exhausted and drained. I was suffering from depression, but I wouldn’t admit it, although I knew I had to do something for myself. At the same time, I also started going to my future teacher of Craniosacral Resonance, Chintan Veet, a truly remarkable man. After the first visit I already felt a huge change in me on a gentle, subtle level, as if I had obtained the energy from inside, and I felt it for another two or three days. So, I went to training and already the first night everything was different. My children started coming to me on their own when I returned home. They also perceived a change; a source of beneficial energy had opened up in me. Previously, I had been rather severe, not mild enough, but then with just one touch, a special grip, I was able to remove the tension in my daughter’s shoulders or reassure my son when he was crying.

Urška Musič Poljanšek,
a quote from an interview in the magazine Ona, 07/28/2015

I am very grateful to be able to spend a weekend focusing on how I can use touch to build connections with others as well as with myself. I feel deeply nurtured and relaxed. Many thanks for this gift, the opportunity to slow down, take my time and take care of myself and my health.

Celine Louis,
a teacher of Body-Mind Centering, yoga and Contact Dance

A wonderful experience of how to ‘communicate’ in a different way, experience and get to know another person, while also getting to know oneself. The joy of touch … the joining of touch …

Tanja Vergles,

A very positive gathering that fills you with energy and new knowledge. This experience is useful in private and professional life.

Tomaž Dolinar,

I have been working with Karima for almost 3 years now. The periods of weekly sessions are followed by periods of a lower frequency of meetings. I came to her at a time when I was going through a difficult life experience. Despite the fact that I had been intensively practicing yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy for many years before, I was not able to help myself properly and I did not want to constantly “pester” the circle of my closest loved ones. I have found a truly compassionate and efficient support in Karima. Not only have I gained a better ability to face different challenges and handle difficult situations through these sessions, but to my great surprise I have noticed that I’ve managed to deepen the contact with my own body and experiencing. This has had a great effect on various aspects of my life. I can see concretely many positive changes happening in my life since I found a better contact with myself and I also have more trust and determination. Karima has supported me empathically, I could even say lovingly on my journey back to my childhood, to my relationship with my parents and also to similar experiences later in life. That journey made numerous negative charges disintegrate and I have made peace with certain issues or found a way to act appropriately. It is highly valuable that Karima did not use the techniques as a technician, but she behaved primarily as any person would to another person and in this way she established a relationship in which I never felt “half-human” in my role of “patient”. Also, her personal experiences and life trials which she shared with me at the beginning of the sessions have given me hope. In light of my own field of work I find it especially valuable that she truly includes the body in her sessions but at the same time she does not underestimate the mind, and above all she has a special sense for what I could call the spiritual, supernatural dimension of life. Even a pinch of craniosacral resonance in the last part of the session contributes to an additional value and helps the work from the session to “settle down”. As a matter of fact, I see Valentina as my companion, my co-adventurer on my path through the journey of life.

a masseuse and yoga instructor

Due to numerous life experiences, a very traumatic childhood and my own wish for freedom without limiting beliefs, I decided to try Integral Sessions with Valentina. I had no idea what to expect and what it would look like, but I was positively surprised at the process of the sessions and my gradual transformation. Valentina found a way to lead the session in a safe and loving environment with different touches, and through observations of the sensations in the body she always felt how to guide me, what to say or ask, so that we found the core of my problem and gave it space to disintegrate. Sometimes this would happen immediately, at other times slowly, depending on how deep my problems were rooted. For the first time in my life I felt completely heard and accepted for who I really was. But above all, through the sessions Valentina I managed to strengthen that tiny dot of positivity I had left dwelling somewhere deep inside of me, but which had been too weak to get stronger on its own and subdue that negativity. During and after the sessions I started noticing tiny and subtle positive things which I accomplished and hadn’t registered before, and even if I had, the negative thoughts had immediately taken overwhelmed them. Valentina, I am grateful for all your heartfelt support and help which has enabled us to awaken the value of my life together. I also thank you for showing me how to draw on my personal strength in tough situations.

Mojca Lindič,
Bachelor of Economics

To feel myself … Craniosacral Resonance had a calming effect on me. To be calm, almost as calm as if saying goodbye to life. The pleasantness of the therapists kept me going. Almost as when falling asleep, my thoughts floated away. I felt the waves as if lying on an air mattress in the Adriatic Sea in a gentle breeze. I felt the warmth flowing through my body all the way to my feet. My body was once again waking up. Medical effects: Dull back pain disappeared. My neck became softer. In the next few days I felt new energy and I used it to jog, which in the past was difficult for me because of the back pain. The liveliness and elasticity of my body increased…

Aci Urbajs,
biodynamic farmer

As a result of a traffic accident years ago, as well as my profession, I had been experiencing neck and upper back pain for two years. At the very first craniosacral session, the therapists identified the location of my problem and focused on that particular part of the body. At first, I felt a sense of warmth as I reached a state of deep relaxation. For a few days after the therapy I felt somewhat unbalanced, as if something inside me had been moved. In each consecutive session I found it increasingly easy to feel the movements which the therapists were performing. The pain and tension in my neck and back at first gradually and then completely disappeared. I no longer have any pains, even after an exhausting day or even a week of work. I still occasionally attend sessions. In the meantime I became pregnant. Now the sessions serve primarily as a source of in-depth relaxation and balance, which benefits me as well as the being developing inside of me.

Tina Jerše,

I tried out Craniosacral Resonance due to joint problems and knee pain. As a result of my sensitivity, I was able to feel distinct sensations and movements in my body throughout the sessions. My knee became warmer, which could have been the reason for a shorter regeneration time. Furthermore, the feeling of lightness of the body was always present. Whenever I’m facing a specific problem, I seek it out and try to actively manage it. Craniosacral Resonance helped me with the process.


Spirituality and meditation are not unknown to me, as I’ve been looking for a way to myself, my heart and soul, for a long time now. And yet, the meeting with Chintan and Karima was a new experience, an adventure in self-exploration where the impossible became possible. Each session was something special. I never knew where it was going to take me and which hidden aspect of my being it was going to illuminate. With the help of Chintan and Karima I experienced an intimately soulful moment the likes of which I had not known before. Compared to this experience, sex, as we know it today, is a kindergarten activity. The experience was a meeting of three souls, which entrusted themselves to each other in order to reach unconditional love, healing and absolute acceptance. I got to understand the feeling of “being, existing and accepting”. Ultimately, it’s difficult to describe in words, as only the experience counts. If you have the courage try it, you won’t regret it.

Renata Očko,

As far as I’m concerned, the meaning of living on this planet is to get to know ourselves (and, moreover, to be able to share ourselves and things we own with others). We are wild pirates looking for a treasure within, while we ourselves are the map. The things that happen to us, recognizing the things we don’t like about ourselves, diseases, and what not. … This unique journey of discovery fortunately never ends, it occurs every day, it even starts anew each moment. If I am able to find a measure of joy in this, for instance if I look, from a distance, at how I pushed forward and made decisions at the crossroads when facing problems, if I add a touch of humour or, rather, a lot of it, and congratulate myself on the work done (or non-work, nothing is wrong or right), I can hear every pore of my body saying to me, sometimes whispering and sometimes screaming, “Life is beautiful”. Difficult and painful moments awarded me with a key to an invaluable treasure chest, which is like a private altar where I can ask a question and always get an answer. I was provided with many hints and then confirmations that listening was the right thing to do. To be able to do it, one needs silence and a tranquil connection with oneself. When faced with fears or uncertainty, I need the help of something, someone, I want to feel my umbilical cord which connects me to the universe. This is where Craniosacral Resonance comes to help. It’s nice to calm down, listen and let yourself flow with the pulses of invaluable energy that freely flows to each and every individual. It is up to us to decide whether and how we are going to accept it and how to put it to use. CSR subtly focuses that energy to release its healing properties. It strengthens me and helps me feel calm and connected with myself. At our first meeting, Mr. Chintan told me a very important thing. I trust him. With Ms. Karima I get “calmed down” and I leave her like Venus rising from sea foam. When overwhelmed with everything it’s up to each individual to ask a question and feel the answer as to what he needs and where he is drawn to. Whenever we really want it, the creation offers us the right thing. I genuinely, warmly recommend CSR to all those who look for a wonderful path to self-discovery. Hugs.

Nataška Tič Ralijan,